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June 29th, 2005


i just spent an hour updating this thing. and i lost it. so im never LJing again.

all i have to say is this. this weekend was fun but sad in MD. katie and maggie are the best friends ever.

the 9 years of swim team.the sleepovers.cookouts.church&dinner nights.the days spent at the pool.talking about life.when joey liked katie.the jaw popping.the tennis memories.runaway bride.pirates of the carribean.feeding katie popcorn through the couch.playing *if i was invisible* on the xylophone.writing about johnny depp on the paper plates.maggie has rabies.the foaming at the mouth.its warm, she peed in the pool.its a side-effect of the rabies.the mongoose therepy.boyfriends&drama.finding out that katie cant ride a bike up a hill.pushing me into the han's lake&making me shut up and stay on the raft."im keeping my head above water- im NOT going under".the radio call&our song-thank u for being a friend.the summer we moved-helping me get through the tears.moving day.crying for hours.always there for me.
mongoose&chipmunk.katie.maggie.best friends.forever

we're moving starting tomorrow and probably wont have internet for a few weeks.

new house and phone--- call and mail me. thank u.

5421 talon court
clarksville, MD 21029


cousins lost my cell so dont bother calling.

BETHANy BEACh-[6.30-7.4]
MOViNG WEEk-[7.1]
KATiE&MAGS ViSiT!-[8.?]

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Current Music: sugarland

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June 14th, 2005

10:44 am

hellooo so im in software apps.

we just finished taking our exam and now we still have like 30 min left till dismissallll.... and this morning i had english exam and then we watched part of star wars since miss curry is obsessed. ugh gross. and thennn we had 15 min. break and i found KARI adlington and we walked around the school in circles and talked and ate :) and we realized that there is a 99% chance we'll have NO classes together next year and that makes me very sad because i luv that girl....:( anddd yeah.

so i dont remember what i did on sunday... i think i just studied and went to the gym. yeah. "studied." ha.

yesterday was fun tho!!

so first school was a waste b/c we were just "reviewing for exams" aka doing nothing cause only like 1 teacher reviewed lol. and we had our LAST INTRO DANCE CLASS EVER. and it was very sad. so 1st we took the EASY exam and then we all just talked about the good/bad parts of the year with miss blizzz... and then she gave us our grades on the assessment... it was her grade out of 25 averaged with the class average grade for our group... and we got a 93.2! which i was really happy about at 1st b/c most people got like 88's and such. but then...we find out that noelle's group got a 93.6. RIDICULOUS. their dance was a nitemare and overalll.... just. BAD. so its called sympathy votes on bliz's part i guess. not.fair. so then me and bryanniee and rahna got the comments that the other people in the class had written about us... and some were HILARIOUS.
here u go:
-"why is christine wearing white?"(haha i wondered that myself)
-bryanne's name spelled BRIAN
-rahna's name spelled RHONDA
-my name spelled KRYSTAL
-"brian looked lost in her solo" haaaaha people are clueless.

and some people gave us scores out of 25 like a 15 or 18. :( but we did get some 100's haha thank god.

so much fun. i luv brian and rhonda ;)

thennn yesterday after school i went to NANCI's house for her 13th birthday party!!! kjfbjakl my goat is growing up :) so all the 7th grade girls were there... kristi christina rebecca marykate lauren marshal etc. and we had fun. and my brother and kristi were flirting THE ENTIRE TIME. actually joey flirts with all his little girlfriends haha... but yeah and ive decided that they are going to get married one day b/c they'd make a cute couple. i luv that girl shes such a sweetheart.

but the party was fun.. she got some AWESOME presents and adorable purses/shirts that i think im definitely going to have to borrow sometime :) and i got her the sugarland cd and the american idol cd... and i need to burn myself a copy of both of those lol... and we all went over to the lake and jumped off the rocks... it was fun. but then goat had a headache so me and her went back to the house... painted our nails and ATE haha.

bethany beach this weekend?? i think so.
and anyone who wants to come PLEASE do cause i think its just going to be me and mom and the twins.

so guess who found my myspace. u will never guess. KELLY BEDARD!!! omgosh i almost dieddd when she messaged me. i havent seen her in like 3-4 years! and i miss her SO much. and i cant believeee she quit gymnastics... i really thought she was going to be the next carly patterson! loll... eeek and she looks exactly the same fbjksalkjsfb how cool. i luv that girl.

OMG. MEGAN FOY JUST IMED ME AND SAID THAT JUNIOR COMPANY HAS A SLOT OPEN SO SHE MIGHT BE ABLE TO BE IN IT!! AHHHHHHHH im so exciteeddddd. i luv that girl to death and i just know that bliz will let her in :D "bLuEeYeDbAbiiox: i need help on my split.. and leap... times three million lol and turning like for ballet.. and spotting lol"-- SAME HERE- ALL OF THE ABOVE. so dont worry meg im in the saammme boat lol.(we'll work on that stuff this summer haha) fbjaklfskjba ilu and next year will be so fun.

school's out on thursday.

3 exams down. 4 to go.


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Current Music: noneee

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June 11th, 2005

01:51 pm

so i made a bet with taylor that i'd update my lj before she updated hers. but shes a wuss and backed out because she knows i always win :) and p.s. i did win.

this week has been oookkk... im excited because we only have monday-full day of school-and then tues-thurs we 11am....then SUMMER :Peeeeeek

so in dance me bry and rahna worked REALLY hard this week to finish up the dance because we had to perform it on THURSDAY...it actually went well and i was nervous but we pulled it off :) we only have ONE more dance class left... and its mostly going to be taking the exam. :( so sad. im going to miss ALL of those girls...

so swim has just been STRESS. i come home exhausted every nite. but gabrielle is a sweetheart so if that little girl's at practice then it just makes my day :p but still.. next week will be HORRIBLE with exams and all.. but then it should get better after that stuff's over aka SCHOOL is over :)

anddd bryanne said shes taking dance at b.funk next fall... so shes going to get the class schedule for me b/c i want to take at least 2 classes there outside of school.. and megan foy too :) so that will be fun if we pick the same classes... and megan's mom is going to check in guidence to see if she can get in the junior company class... asflkbsjkal i hope soooo. o and yeah i luv megan foy because shes going to teach me how to do hiphop since im clueless :D yayayayyy and ill teach her ballet even tho shes already amazing at it. but thats ok ;)

umm so im getting highlights this week... kinda like the color layla got... not like the reddish but more like the caramel....but i really want them done at Lutfi's instead of hair cuttery... but w/e as long as they just dont mess it up :p

um so we had our last B-day lunch of the year... that was the greatest lunch table EVER haha... megan finnegan-nicole song-heather jackson-sarah adams-erica suter-joanne reid- katerina wright.
AMAZING. haha... and megan's like- O GROUP HUGGG. and the janitor was like... um HELLO i dont go around sayin to ma brotha's 'come on ya'll group hug now' and he kept going on and on about how weird megan was.. it was great. we were all crying we laughed so hard :) luv it.

WE ARE MOVING IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!---> ACTUALLY THE CLOSING IS ON THE 16TH!!!!! but wont move in till the 1st week of july. do u kno how exciting this is. i think not.

so last nite was heather jackson's bday partyyy :) and it was very fun... i worked at the pool for 1/2 hour and then went straight there...and i walked in and erin doyle screamed- HEY I KNOW U! haha... i never see that girl!! so it was fun... and megan finnegan was there.. and NICOLE SONG my bestest buddy haha.. anddd allie and i met melissa macintyre who is heather's boyfriend matt's sister-- and shes in our grade but i didnt kno her.. shes hilariousss- anddd anna white and megan lancaster were there ! and a few other girls that i didnt kno... and heathers parents are so sweet.. esp. her dad- now i kno where heather's personality comes from hahaa... hmm and so we ATE pizza and watched Be Cool which was quite hilarious.. but stupid.. and then we ate cake and she opened her presents which were all amazing... AND SHES GETTING A YELLOW LAB PUPPY FROM HER PARENTS. NO FAIR. lol... i want oneeee... and then we popped all the balloons andddd watched half of star wars 2- and nicole and i just made fun of it the whole time :) haha... so fun :) heather is such a sweetheart and i luv her SO much- HAPPY SWEET 16th!!!! :D

o and yeah dont EVER give nicole song soda. or let her use a camera phone. ever. again. thank u much.

today i had to wake up earlyyy for time trials. ughh... sabrina and i made a deal that we would only swim free and breastroke.. because we cant swim anything else well and didnt want to embarass ourselves in front of the little kids haha... so yeah- free time was 31.45 which is pretty good.. i guess... and my breastroke time was 41.31 which is ok.... i can do better. but its the beginning of the season so im not worried...and im SO proud of gabby for making it across the pool w/out holding onto the lane lines except for once. AWESOME.
but i got tan/REALLY BURNT on my back lol... and i had a major headache the whole time :*(

so nanci's bday partyyy is monday.. from 12:30 to 4:30.. ill get there around 2:30 after school lets out... :) it'll be fun.

AMY ESTES GOT ME CARRIE UNDERWOOD'S AUTOGRAPH IN NASHVILLE. oooooo yeah i luv amy :) haha...eeeeeek.

Current Mood: indescribableummmmm
Current Music: keith urban=i wanna go back to that concert :( lol

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June 6th, 2005


EDIT: megan murphy aka murph junior's bday was on saturday. so naturally, i got her a straightener. maybe this year she will actually learn how to straighten her hair :)and i took paint pens and wrote MURPH on one side and JUNIOR on the other and i polka dotted it- its all pink and white eeeeeek. and i almost got her a compass and protractor too. just so she could see the difference :) haha... and then TODAY IS KATIE MCDERMOTT aka MONGOOSE and HEATHER JACKSON's sweet 16's!!! omgoooooodness! haha... and heather's partayy is on friday :)bfjkalkfsjba i luv u guys :) k and today my highlight was that little gabrielle swam the entire length of the pool without me in the water. whoohoo i actually accomplished something :D and also everyone was wearing their kenny chesney shirts today = 1/2 the school lol... but bryanne and i were the only ones with lime green. hahaha ;) andddd k thats it. bye :)-

hello lovies-

doing a quicky update on this week...it was a really stressful week for me... lots of projects and crap. but im SO glad its over. a;skfjbsjka;kjbkj

swim practice started tuesday...which means coaching started for me! whoohoo... actually its not that bad- im coaching for clemens crossing and i kno a few ppl on the team which is good... but weird- like HANNAH BANANA! haha.. i was laughing SO hard when she saw me... she was like oo god im stuck with u on my team. and i was  like o yes and btw im one of ur coaches and i thought she was going to faint. haha iluvit. and kylynn is on the team too which is awesomeee:) but its weird coaching kids my age... lol- the little kids are adorable tho :D so thats fun- but the water is like 10 degrees which IS NOT FUN. and the head coach is weird.. shes like 60 and looks like a witch.haha. but the other assistant coach Sabrina is sooo nice... shes a senior at atholton.. and we get along really well which is good. hmm so ya thats about it...

dance has been good but stressful...but fun ;) we're working on our choreography projects.. me rahna and bry- and i think ours is turning out good :) no matter what rahna says haha... and megan foy/kari/holly/shay's group is AWESOME. i LOVE it to death. im going to give it like a 10000% when we grade them haha ;D o and i luv heather paugh's group too.. they're doing a tap dance to redneck woman. amazinggg

so then grandma and poppy came thursday. and friday after school we picked up nanci the goattt and went to olney to the farmers market to get fat. haha. pretty much anyways :) we got all this candy and goodies there... yummyum and then we went to joey's bball game later that nite with all the cousins... and nanci and i read a magazine cause we were bored haha

then saturday morning at 7:30 am to be exact, i was forced by my lovely mother to take the SAT. there are NO SOPHOMORES who take the SAT. because its for juniors. but o no not according to mom. its good practice. kajfjksakjb ya right. so thats what i did from 8-12:30. i was ready to shoot myself. and it was hard.

but the day got better, dont u worry :)

cause when i got home, dad told me he got the tickets for the kenny chesney concert. the $180 tickets, he got for $100.
and the seats were great, mind u.

and this was the line-up: uncle kracker, then pat green, then GRETCHEN WILSON BABYYY!, then KEITH URBAN!!, then kenny chesney :) :) :)

so mom and i headed off to fedex field around 3:45.. concert started at 4:30. mom doesnt like country music so she was having a hard time going.. haha. but she ended up LOVING it (and now is obsessed with keith urban hahaha) and we had a lot of fun :)
and i knew that a lot of ppl were going but i didnt expect to see anyone there except sarah cause there were like 2000000 ppl there NOT KIDDING.

so we get there and immediately go to the bathroom and who do i see but heather paugh and kira. weirddd haha and heather was like what are u doing here, i didnt think u had tickets. haha
then we're walking to our seats and get this... we see ASHLEA THEDICK. yes ash from st. bridgets school in richmond virginia. traveled 2 1/2 hrs to come here. now thats WEIRD haha
then after a while sarah adams called my cell and we met up for a few minutes until i got lost and couldnt find my seats and sarah abandoned me. mmhmm i luv her.
then as im walking back to my seat i see a little munchkin with a bow in her hair and her polo collar was popped so i knewww who it was immediately and i screamed BRYANNE. and sure enough it was her. haha.. sitting in the section next to us a few rows back=WEIRD. the only person i didnt see was amy estes who came up from chesterfield VA to see it... darn.

anyways onto the concert- uncle kracker was good :) pat green was terrible. GRETCHEN WILSON is my hero. she was incredible. seeing her and hearing her perform live was so awesome.. ahhh. and my pictures are great too :D i esp. loved her singing, homewrecker which i cant get outta my head.. here for the party...and of course redneck woman, which i screamed along with her the whole time :) then keith urban was amazing too... mom was screaming like a teenager haha...it was cute. but i really liked him... definitely fun. and i luved free falling cause the audience realllyyy got into that one lol -then kenny chesney... he was pretty good... but i dont know his songs as well as the others so i couldnt get into it as much... but it was cool. then mom bought me a teeshirt which is cute. and we got home at like 11:30. hahaha. ooo my and everyone was SO drunk it was so hilarious... omgosh all these wasted country hicks- lol

ok so now me sarah and erica's mission is to win toby keith tickets. hahaha

but i'd rather have american idol ones <3333 speaking of which... goerge huff concert next weekend. owoww

todayyy we went to church and bagel bin. then mom and i went to the mall and i got flip flops and thats about it. haha..ughh and now im doing nothing.

go to my webshots site and look at my picsss cause they're updated- :)


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May 30th, 2005

09:23 am - *just crash and burn ur not alone*

so i tried to update this baby like a week ago and it was 2 miles long and my computer froze and it died. typical isnt it. uggghh

so ill start back a million years ago.. dance recital week-- we had rehersals all week from 6-10 at nite which was kinda fun but kinda tiring... then dress rehersal thurs. nite was fun :) and then performance nite on friday was AWESOME. pics are up on my webshots site- but anyways, tap went great... holly and anna and i were like holding onto each other for dear life cause we had to set on stage and it was in the dark and SCARY lol... but it was fun- then we had hiphop... wasnt great buttt it wasnt as bad as it was in rehersals lol so thats good- then came the one minute quick change and hair change haha.. it was so stressful- but it was fine- then BALLET. omggg i was scared to death cause i was front row... me, holly, and kari were squeezing the guts out of each other hugging so hard cause we were SO nervous. but it turned out good. :)

im going to miss those Intro girls SOO much next year. esp. holly and kari and rahna...and hopefully not megannn foy b/c hopefully shes moving up to junor comp. but i dunno :( but ill still have bryanne next year.. and laylaaa and MURPH JUNIOR. hahaa ;-)

but really i dunno what i would have done w/out that class and those girls this year...thanks. =)

then last saturday me and the twins were forced to see grandpa's friend's hula school's dance recital. omgg it was painful so we all left at intermission haha... then we went to nanci's play at st louis.. it was hilarious- and i met a lot of those 7th grade girls that i hear so much gossip about lol.. and saw a lot of those other 7th grade girls that i LOVE (mary kate and becca and elena and lauren and CHRISTINAAA and marshal) so it was fun and we went to arties for ice cream with like 19836 ppl.

thennn i cant remember what happened this past week.. nothing exciting. except in dance we're doing choreography projects.. my group is me and bryanne and rahna so im sikked! we're doing a ballet dance to savage garden's crash and burn.. i had never heard of it till bry brought it up and i downloaded it and i LOVED it so bry and i decided thats what we're doing lol... i think it'll turn out good.. ive just been having a hard time making up stuff for it- and we only have a week so...yeah lol

on saturday morning we woke up early and drove to chesterfield virginiaaa for the weekend to pack up more stuff.. the movers arent coming until late june so we're still bringing some stuff up that we're scared they're going to break lol.. when we got there we went to ukrops which is like the big grocery store down there (which i miss so unbelivablyy much lol) and we got chili mmmm and other yummy food. and then we went home and then for dinner that nite we went to tropical smoothie which i also MISS SO MUCH :( and i got a yummy smoothie and a tortilla pizza b/c its just the best. then we went home and watched a movie.. and the next day we went to the POOL for almost the whole day :) it was so fun... i rode my bike down there :) for prolly one of the last times ever. :( its so sad.. im going to miss that lol- but bridget brought lacy baby down and shes sooo big now! ahh and shes talking and she calls me tine haha... and the Paello's were there too! i was so excited.. emily is the same and gracie grew a little but baby caroline is so adorable and BIG! ahhh haha... shes like a blonde lacy! its so cute... ill have pics up soon- and mrs barnett and jack were there... so it was good to see her too- and omgosh the christman's were there so i got to see KERRY AND COLLEENN THE BEAN! ahh! and kerry's going to thomas dale this year so we talked about that and yeahhh i miss them :(  but i didnt even get tan... hardly at all- more freckles lol.. and my back is SO burnt it kills lol...and joe spent like the whole day at the bunda's house of course lol...

but the sad part was that katie and maggie were in north carolina :( ahh i was ready to cry haha.. they NEVER go away for memorial day... but ill see them in june :) I MISS YOUUUUU MONGOOSE AND CHIPMUNK! you have to come visit when we move in our new house =D

but ironically, as much as i miss the old house and everything... im really glad to be back home. i kno its weeeird.. but im sorta glad that i dont miss it TOO much lol...

and btw we're going back to VA the weekend before the 30th...and we're going out to dinner with the mcdermotts/posners/bundas/christmans/etc. and then having a parttaaayy :) yay

speaking of thattt we're moving in like 3 weeks :) im so excited- i need to go shopping for my new rooom... cause im getting completely new EVERYTHING- & i was watching extreme makeover home edition last nite and saw the PERFECT bedspread so im doing research trying to find it haha... we've been shopping for the house A LOT lately and we're getting all new stuff in the kitchen...all stainless steel appliences and granite countertops :) yayyy

and this morning i was supposed to go workout with nanci at the gym and run 2 miles and swim butttt i called at 9 and uncle chuck was like- shes out shopping with her mom. haha buttheadddddd ur paying for this. lol-

and today im doing homework & then going to a cookout at the cousin's w/ ppl i dont kno. funn. school's almost out. soooo im excited.

right now im trying to win tickets on WMZQ for the kenny chesney/gretchen wilson concert on june 4th

haha other ppl are performing too but those r the only ones i care about haha..i reaaallly wanna go :(

i just found out that dad's going on a business trip to cali in july and we all might get to go. but i doubt it lol... i just cant wait for aruba. eeek

mmk i dunno what else there is to sayyy


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May 26th, 2005

06:49 pm - quizzziiee
hi. i updated yesterday for like an hour NO JOKE and it got DELETED :( so ill do a normal update tomorrow... but i stole this quiz from bryanne and did it over the weekend... so here you go lol:

x. name: Christine
x. birthday: 1/31
x. age: 16
x. school you go to: River Hill
x. job: swim team coach for clemens crossing/babysitter. eeek
x. are you in a gang?: ha no
x. best friend: mmm nanci/katie/maggie/A LOT of others.
x. bf/gf?: boys can go ef themselves--i agree with bry lol
x. how many siblings: one, younger brother
x. Slept in your bed: me =)
x. Saw you cry: jenna and julie
x. Made you cry: i seriously dont remember
x. You shared a drink with: jenna roseee
x. You went to the mall with: my mommy today!
x. Yelled at you: my mom

x. Said "I Love You" and meant it?: yeah
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: yes christine cats=trouble.
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: my goddd yes its scary.
x. Wish you were the opposite sex: haha no
x. Had an imaginary friend: YES putton- when i was 3 :) cool name, i kno
x. Do you have a crush on someone: ehh no
x. What book are you reading now: negativeee
x. Worst feeling in the world: when friends backstab u
x. Future son's name: nick
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: sometimes i sleep with my bear mushy :) he's CUTE
x. What's under your bed: a lot.
x. Favorite sport to watch: bball
x. Siblings: joe aka josephina. o myyy swim team practice is incredible.
x. Location: hoco maryland. (bryanne thought this meant location of siblings hahaa. o myyy)
x. College plans: UNC Chapel Hill or virginia tech. ha. in my DREAMS.
x. Piercings/tattoos: ehh one in each ear. at the moment anyways...
x. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nope
x. Do you do drugs: NOOO
x. Do you drink: no
x. Who is your best friend: umm didnt we go over this...
x. What are you most scared of: i dunno...
x. What clothes do you sleep in: sweatpants and a tshirt
x. Where do you want to get married: mmm i'd love to get married on the beach but thank u dear catholic church for making it a rule that we have to get married in a church building. but either in the spring or fall.
x. Who do you really hate: no one!! i PROMISE.
x. Been in Love: nahh
x. Do you have a job: YES
x. Do you like being around people: YES me like peopleeee :)
x. Pulled an all-nighter?: uhhmm close but no
x. Been drunk?: noo
x. Been high?: noo
x. Been to a play?: yes
x. Gone surfing?: noo i wish i could!
x. Been in a real castle?: yeahhh in italy
x. Had an eating disorder?: nooo
x. Been in a car accident?: no lol i cant drive- P.S. getting permit in june.

x. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: uhmm not really
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: they have to make me laugh. and be just a nice guy in general....
x. Want someone you can't have right now: ehh no
x. Are you lonely right now:yeaaa
x. Song thats stuck in your head a lot: sugarland's baby girl
x. Do you want to get married: YES
x. Do you want kids: many- as in 4- as in 2 girls 2 boys.

x. Room in house: in the new house?? mine/kitchen/family room/sunroom :)
x. Type(s) of music: country of courseeee :)
x. Color: pinkk
x. Perfume or cologne?: bath and body spray haha.
x. Month: hmm... june/july- swim team seasonnnn hellooo

The Average Day..
x. Starts at ____ o' clock.: weekday 6:15 weekend 8-9-10
x. First thing I think when I wake up is: ooo boy.
x. The first thing I usually do is..: go to the bathroom
x. If I eat breakfast, it's usually..: cereal/granola bar/muffin/bagel
x. I get in the shower no later than..: i take showers the night beforeee
x. I wash my ____ first.: hair
x. I'm usually on the computer by..: ehh idk
x. If I leave the house, I'm going..: school..mall...cousins...new house...gym...OUT.
x. It usually takes me ____ to get ready.: ummmm dunno
x. I usually spend _____ on the computer.: long time

As For Today..
x. I woke up at..: 9
x. have eaten..: too much.
x. I have gone to..: the gym, subway, cousins house, arundel mills mall, stores for the new house
x. I've been on the computer for..: dunno
x. I have been to these websites --: myspace, comcast
x. My hair is..: uppp
x. I wish I was..: at the beach =)

About Your Personality..
x. Shy or outgoing?: outgoingg usually lol
x. Do you laugh a lot?: at everythingg
x. How can someone tell your laugh isn't fake?: b/c its nots
x. Do you get annoyed easily?: yes
x. Do you complain a lot?: ya im like the opposite of bryanne lol
x. Do you have a few close friends, or just friends?: a lot of close friends
x. Do you get jealous easily?: yea
x. Do you cry a lot?: mmm not really
x. Do you raise your hand in class a lot?: umm not really?
x. Do you enjoy loud parties with a bunch of your friends?: yep
x. Do you prefer double dates, or `alone` dates?: either

In The Last Week Have You..
x. Eaten pizza?: ya
x. Eaten chinese food?: no
x. Made out?: no
x. Had sex?: no
x. Thrown up?: no
x. Gone hot tubbing?: no
x. Went shopping?: yes
x. Seen a movie?: yes
x. Got into a big fight with a friend?: nope

x. Hair color: brown
x. When was the last time you washed it?: last nite
x. Clothes: khaki cargo capris and aero tshirt
x. Undies: bluee
x. Make up: umm eyeliner/mascara from this morning

x. Mom's name: Debbie
x. Dad's name: Steve
x. Siblings?: Joe
x. Do you get along with your siblings: sometimes
x. If you're an only child, do you like it?: --
x. do you like going to your grandparents house?: sometimes

x. do you meet most of your friends at school?: yeah - or swim
x. Which of your friends gets on your nerves the most?: wellll
x. List all your friends: no thanks
x. How many is that?: a lot...
x. Do you hang out with them on a regular basis?: yes
x. do you think you're popular?: dunnnno

x. What was said to you this week that you can't stop thinking about?: nothing
x. Who said it?:....
x. Why did he say it?: ....
x. What was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?: who knows
x. What was the nicest thing you've ever told someone?: i dk
x. Has anyone ever confessed that they LIKE you?: yeah
x. Have you ever confessed that you like someone else?: uuhhh dk
x. do you have trouble expressing your emotions or saying the hard stuff?: sometimes

x. What time does school start for you? 7:25
x. What do you do in your spare time?: hang out with friends/cousins- go to mall.. workout
x. Do you procrastinate or do you get your work in on time?: i procrastinate but i get my work handed in on time.
x. Is the way you look important to you? yess
x. What do you have issues with?: life lol
x. What do you think of Abercrombie?: looove
x. What is the one thing you'd like to accomplish in your life?: just to love and enjoy life and be someone that makes an impact on peoples lives. haha im such a cornball-
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May 14th, 2005

09:09 am

hellooo there :)
im going to update since taylor's updating :D haha. pathetic.

ok. so this week has been long and kinda...bad.

i dont remember monday. i dont remember tuesday. ooook-

wednesday- poms tryouts. dundundun- so i stressed myself out about it all day... like i felt sick to my stomach lol-- buut before THAT... dance was hard b/c our RECITAL IS NEXT FRIDAY ((at 7:30 BE THERE)) so we practiced in the auditorium.... and had to mark out all the places on stage etc. and ms bliz actually seriously started cussing out jessica and trisha. im glad she did in a way... cause they just dont care about anything and shouldnt be in the class. but i really was shocked at the words coming outta her mouth...i mean seriously shes a teacher!? haha... then at lunch sarah gave me a butterfinger and i was very happy :) then in history, mr. goodfellow, our student teacher for like the past month+, was leaving so katharine montag organized a big party and it was very fun :) and we all got him this bear from buildabear and tom recorded it so that when u press it's paw it says "gentlemen PLEASE" cause thats one of goodfellow's famous quotes. or layla says... goodfellowisms (and she made a list of like 100 of them and gave them to him... hilarious) hmm so then me and tiffani practiced our dances and showed ms galloway and she was laughing at us. nice. then layla showed us the dances for the intermed. class and they look awesome....

then i figured out actually how many ppl i kno in junior company next year....i seriously thought it was like bryanne and thats IT lol... but layla, montag, anna white, megan murphy, chali cooke, lucia brown, etc. are too :) so that makes me happier.  but its going to be a humungous class. and montag and layla and anna and i decided that step one next year is to take Christina Quiros' legs and *accidently* break them both.


anyways... so then tryouts. were. hell. its like boot camp. they were screaming at us, making us stand at attention and crap... and we learned 2 of the dances (tryouts officially are friday) and one was easy, one was hard. but its so completely different from the way i kno how to dance. its more like cheerleading. no wonder i hated it so much hahaa. then i hear that practices are everyday next year for like 3 hrs AND some saturdays. for the whollleee year. and i was like... what the heck am i doing here. i had danced FOUR AND A HALF HOURS that day. and i got in the car crying cause i was in so much pain, sooo tired i couldnt move another muscle. if i made poms then thats how everyday would be... b/c that PLUS junior company. no way. so mom and i decided that i shouldnt go back to tryouts... she agreed that it was just craziiiness. and i was VERY happy :) and relieved.

thursday: so the only ppl i told that i wasnt going to tryouts that day were kat, meghan, & a few girls at lunch. i didnt feel like getting anyoneee riled up. and o boy do i mean riled up. haha. ull see in a minute. so anyways it was a boring day. but lunch was fun b/c we talked about american idol :) btw anthony=OUT! YAYYYYYYYY. then that nite i had to go to some meeting for coaching.. it was like 6pm to 9pm. :( horrible. so like the first 2 hours we did nothing... just filled out paperwork and there were over 100 people there NO JOKE. so i was done at 6:15. and i sat. and waited cause the real meeting didnt start until 8. :( so some annoying girl named lauren who is a freshman was there and we talked for a while... but i was like o god someone save me lol... and sure enough im looking around and i see the back of someone's head who has blonde hair and was wearing a RHHS lacrosse tshirt. and i screamed- HEATHER!!!! haha... she was like omg what are YOUU doing here?? haha..... she's lifeguarding this summer at river hill pool- and thats where im giving swim lessons at so ill see her there which will be cool...so we talked for a while and then sat through some painful class on how to detect child abuse. it was reallllyyy annoying... lol- o boyyyyy

friday: so everything was cool in english. everything was cool in software apps. then... math. we had a test. and then as i was going out the door, miss megan murphy is standing there. "ooo christineeee.... where were u at tryouts yesterday!?!" o boy. haha..... so i pretty much told her the truth... but i could tell shes was like....??? w/e--- then i go to dance: not good. walk into the locker room and prepare for screaming: "CHRISTINE HINDLE WHY WERENT U AT TRYOUTS YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!????????" thats from pearl chen. but then i hear the good news. on wed. 46 girls tried out. on thurs. only about 30 were there. sooo im not the only one :D haha.... then in the tap dance lauren westerlund the loser turns around: "where were u at tryouts yesterday. i dont understand christine." i was like... ummm i just quit for a number of reasons. but she didnt seem to understand lol... then bryanne: "CHRISTINE WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HELLLL" haha. then... tiffani: "what the hell u've been looking forward to this for MONTHS."

sigh. ooo well.

so then last nite grandpa came... joey's bball game was at 9pm haha... late i kno- and uncle nick and his girlfriend susan came... which was nice. and then uncle chuck brought nanci and nina and nance's friend mary kate. i luv that girl... and then halfway through the game, janet showed up which was a hugeee surprise. shes like my uncle nicky's best friend and my absolute no doubt about it FAVORITE person in the entirest world. yup. she brought food with her too... cannoli's and pinola's....shes such a wannabe italian ;) but we think that shes seriously crazy about my uncle and hopes him and susan will break up...haha. i hope so too. o my did i just say that?? pshh. i like janet 10249291times more then sue. sue has 0% personality and talks 0% of the time which is 0% like our family which means she fits in with us 0%. but w/e its my uncle's life and i just want him to get married and have a kid cause our family is babyless currently. haha... then the car ride home was FUN. we took mary kate and nanci and nina in our car and sang country music the whole time... and we are actually really good... we all harmonize well and it was very fun.

and mary kate and nanci and i are going to the sugarland FREE concert on june 30th in baltimore and i cant wait. :) they're my favorite. and im trying to win kenny chesney tickets for sometime in early june... i want them sooo bad... bryanne's going too- and george huff free concert on june 11!!! and american idol tour concert on july 27. YAY.

then we went back to aunt donna's house and ate and talked until 11:30.

o and i found out that susan is coming with us all to aruba this summer. joyyy. haaaha mom was like- maybe janet will magically appear and say that she had a business meeting in aruba. hahah. id love it.

so today i dunno what im doing... homework and gym and stuff i guess... boring weekend.

but i SOO want to go to the beach for memorial day weekend.... eeeeeek. i hope...


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May 9th, 2005

07:29 pm - u know its summer when christine's freckles start popping out lol....

just a heads uppp... :p

mmk so...its been a mixed few days- good and bad stuff....

friday- no school :) 1st i had to get blood taken which wasnt fun... then i went and babysat jenna julie and nina while aunt donna played tennis.... they helped me pick out which junior ring im going to order :) its prettttyyy- and i get to order it next week! yay. umm so then me nina and mom went shopping at columbia mall... we got our moms stuff for mothers day... and i got a few shirts from 5-7-9... anddd we went to starbucks which was hilarious cause nina proved her idiotic-ness :D anddd then mom forced me to go to swim practice. but it wasnt tooo bad... just starts and turns... and there were 12 ppl there. sweeeet- rachel and katie included :) then mom and i went backkk to the mall and i dont remember why. yepppp.

saturday- now this was on interesting day. ;) umm so my whole morning was spent on the phone trying to figure out rides for that nite and what time we were picking up who... then i did my math homework. thennn i took a shower and blowdryed HALF of my head :D and thennn i went out with mom and got dance shoes- ballet and jazz sneakers... and then we went to church with the cousins- then we picked up megan finnegan, kari, and meg foy and headed to howard community college for a dance performance since we have to write a critique on 2 within the next 4 weeks. niiiiice. so. holly met us over there... and rahna was supposed to but, quote on quote, *decided that btwn that or being with her 'friends' she chose to run away and hang with them* mmmhm. rude i know. she told that one to holly who is her 'friend' yeahhhh. w/e. I DONT CARE! :) ok- so: after dinner: was the highlight of the evening. they were spazzing... and doing IT on stage. yeahhhh no music. just... flopping. hahaha. o god. it was hilarious. i was crying i laughed so hard... same w/ the guy behind us... and then ppl yelled at us.. hahaha. i luved it- so at intermission we went on a hunt for food- asked some lady where there was food and she sent us upstairs to some vending machine... we were likee oooook we better not get lost haha- and the elevator almost ATE me but meg foy saved my life :) we found the food and holly's got stuck- so she like tackled the vending machine and we all finally saved it. haha... it was hilarious-we were screaming so loud... and meghan was hiding hahaha. so then after it was all over we got in the car and took some amaaaazing pics haha here are a few... dunno if they'll show up but ooo well:
thats meghan finnegan and kari..

meg foy and holly....nerddss :P

ooo my...doing their *dance*... they think they're so cool....ha. ;)

hahaha... they make me laugh :) they're on my webshots site if they didnt show up here....

so back to my story :) then we took them home after pigging out on twizzlers... and so we get to meg foy's house at about 10:30 right- & shes like- 'just keep going straight down the road and ull hit route 30.' easy enough right?? WRONG. mom takes a wrong turn and gets lost. we pass the same place 3+ times. we find ourselves in MONTGOMERY COUNTY people!?! guess what time we get home: 12:30 AM. myyy goodness. i fell asleep at 11:30 hahaha. i was pooped.

sunday- sooo woke up at 7:30- left at 8 for northern virginia... met mom's family at some restaurant for brunch which was fun... we ate SOOO flipping much.... then back to grandma's house with the cousins... which was surprisingly entertaining... and like 80 degrees so we TANNED! which was nice :) but im ALL freckles now. haha... so sad. then we went to nana and papa's house.... and visited with them for a while.... my nana's really going downhill i think... :( so sad. mm and then i came home and did homework and that was my lovely weekend.

today- was crap. the end.

okok juuuust kidding. umm math was fun. julia is random but thats why shes cool :) aaaand dance was boring. cause we just *cleaned up* the tap dance. yeahhh.... umm

bryanne manzitti isnt trying out with me.
but megan murphy is and i LOVE her.
and pearl chen is too :)
but dont think im not mad. cause i am. and scared and nervous and.... just not wanting to tryout at all. :( w/e.

this is how im putting it in my mind- if God thinks i should make it, thinks ill be able to handle the painful process (haha its true) and all the freaking work, then ill make it- but if i dont make it then its b/c God knows that its so hard and not for me and that 99% of the people on the squad are evil anyways and i shouldnt be associating myself with them.

except for dear rosa park that is.


so then i come home and mom drops the big fat bomb...

she decided she doesnt want the house anymore. the perfectly GORGEOUS house we are moving into in JUNE. yeah thats ONE month away. so naturally i threw a complete fit.

i dont feel like venting it on here.... i just need someone to actually understand the stress ive gone through within the past almost entire year with this mess... since last summer... i mean its been freaking HARD on me- from having to move in with my cousins for 4 months and then moving into a rental townhouse- i want a house, i want a yard, i just want to be able to decorate my room and have my own space. mom is oblivious and doesnt care at all. she wants the house to be perfect, and thats impossible.

and we signed the contract. how does she plan on backing out now???

she'll find some horrible way. why? b/c her name is deborah garito hindle and she always gets what she wants.
and im sick of it.

i want to cry.
i need my cousin now. or just SOMEONE.

alllright im out- enough whining lol--




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May 4th, 2005

02:54 pm - youu make me wanna laalaaaa

mmmk so this week has been LONG.

monday i cant even remember. i kno it was a dance day and that is all i know. o yeah and kari=lobster. she got burnt really bad. and looks like a lobster. so thats her new name. okkkk? ok :)

tuesday was yesterday. so i should be able to remember it. righhttt? no.
weelll in french we changed seats. ok listen to this niiice table i got: 2 girls who are foreigners and dont talk. and katerina is like waaayyy back behind me somewhere. :( so im very sad. i wanted to shoot myself lol...french will never be the same :( i remember that lunch was fun. and that nicole almost killed me. andddd i remember that i love sarah adams very much. and that erica and i were making fun of softball players like sarah b/c its a boring sport. oo god taylor's going to kill me for that one ;)

then american idol was last nite and that was good. in my opinon, anthony=out. scott's 1st song was niiice. vonzell was good overall. carrie was just amazing overall :) and bo was just good. oo btw i forgot to mention- anthony was HORRIBLE. yeah.

mm ok today was aiight. we had a druggie dog lockdown today in 2nd period so the drug dogs could sniff around our druggie school. fun. katerina was playing with the numbers on her calculator in math like a nerd. (and julia was too lol) in dance we did hiphop the whole time so it wasnt great...but lunch was fun :) meghan and i ate with the freshmen cause we're sooo cool and wanted to talk to erica and sarah. but its ok. it was fun. esp. cause sarah constantly makes fun of me and laughs at everything i say for nooo reason. but its still ok ;)

now i have swim. ashley will probably be there. rachel might be there. katie will not be there b/c i just kno she wont b/c she hasnt been there in forever b/c she never goes b/c i havent seen her in MONTHS.


no school friday. YESSS. and im babysitting nina and the twins in the AM... then mall with mom!

saturday=7:30 at howard community college=we have to go watch a dance performance for dance.
so we're picking up meghan, kari, rahna, meg foy and maybe bryanne and holly... and i seriously dont know if its going to be a good performance or not but too bad cause we have to write a stupid critique and ill just BS it if its stinky :) im good at BSing. haha.

i talked to mallory mills yesterday :) i miss her... shes such a sweetie and she just pretty much made my day. :)

and i talked to kate glotfelty too. joey misses u. hahahaha. oo man last summer... ill never forget it. ;)

p.s. i got the assistant coaching job for Clemens Crossing swim team this summer. oOoOo what now :D



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May 1st, 2005

12:42 pm - and wouldn't ya kno... we made our dreams come true <3

hmm so this week was pretty tight.

some random highlights first....:

-WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE!!! yeaa the one off of ten oaks road. im sooo excited. its like 5 min. away from the cousins & 5 min. away from megfinn and kari and 5 min. in the other direction from holly and megfoy AND ms bliz's dance studio for this summer. ahhhh and i luv the house o so much. :) we move in sometime in june....and we might be on the TLC show Moving Up :D now THAT would be sweet.

- i found out that lauren westerlund is terri westerlund's daughter. yes famous rich real estate agent MY IDOL terri westerlund.hahahaha sooo ironic isnt it. i still dont believe it. :p

-i was supposed to go to the 30 hour famine on friday with Kari at her church... but mommy wouldnt let me :( i dunno if i would have survived it anyway haha

-Thursday was take ur kid to work day. now in VA, thats for like 2nd graders. but up here EVERYONE went. except me haha. mom was mean about it... so i had to go to school and there seriously was no one there. and dance was stressful b/c i had to pretty much re-teach my whole group the dance b/c they are idiots. and they still dont get it and bliz is getting mad and UGH w/e i give up. ill try my best and i dont care about anyone else lol-

-constantine got off american idol. THANK GOD. now lets just get rid of scott... then anthony... then bo... haha

-i read on comcast that bo got arrested for drugs in 2001 and 2003. too bad buddy, ur definitely not winning now :)

-grandpa came for a root canal on thursday and left on saturday. yippee

-ok now ill go on to the weekend...

saturday- cleaned in the AM and then aunt donna picked me up and took me, nanci & nina to kohls and target... i got some adorable cargo khaki capris and a polo and a jean skirt that mom hates & is prolly making me take back. ughh i luv it. and at target i got the $3 american idol single. it is definitely worth the $3 haha. iluvit! esp. carrie and vonzell.. they sound great. and then we went to dunkin donuts and pigged out :) then she dropped me at home and mom dad joe and i went out to eat at some greek restaurant that gave me a tummy ache and then we went to the mall :) i got some much needed jean capris at hechts and then we went to aeropostale and i saw bryanne!! and i bought sweat capris for dance. omgosh i luv them soooo much. yippee it was a productive day.

sunday- umm went to 8am mass... then picked up nanci, went home and changed. and went to columbia gym. omg we worked out so much. 1st we ran 2 miles on one of the machines.. and then i stretched/worked on my split for 15 min. and then we lifted weights and swam laps.
i feel dead. lol. but i need it... im getting fat. :O
then we went to bagel bin and put the calories right back on that we had just burned off. o well. it was really good and worth it :) im such a pig.

now i get to do homework for the rest of the day!!! yayayayayyynot.

today is taylor aubin's confirmation day!!! and she might be getting a digital camera which is quite exciting.

mannnn rhode island is ahead of us in that department lol. we dont get to make ours until next may. well.. im making mine in 2 years in May b/c im waiting to do it w/ holly and everyone else... im so sweet.

p.s. i want to steal that last line in the rhode islander's 2nd-to-last journal entry.
hmm weird... life's just a MESS.



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